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Interest rates: What to expect from the Bank of England in 2023

The Bank of England (BoE) hiked UK interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 3.5% in December, its ninth consecutive rate increase as it looks to battle soaring inflation.
The rise, which takes rates to their highest levels since October 2008, adds to existing consumer pressure by increasing mortgage and credit card rates, while deepening the UK’s recession.

Threadneedle Street now expects UK GDP to decline by 0.1% in the final quarter of 2022, which is 0.2 percentage points stronger than expected, but would still show the UK entering a technical recession.

Interest rates stood at record lows of just 0.1% a little more than a year ago, thanks to the COVID pandemic ripping through the economy. But with inflation at 10.7% in the year to November, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is aiming to bring it back down to its 2% target.

The MPC was not unanimous in its decision, voting 6-3 to raise the bank rate. There was a widening range of opinions, with two dovish members, Silvana Tenreyro and Swati Dhingra, voting to keep rates at 3% while one hawkish member, Catherine Mann, voted for a 75-basis point increase.

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“Of the three major central banks, one could argue that the Bank of England has been the most dovish, particularly after it pushed back against market pricing for hikes at its last meeting in November,” Matthew Ryan, head of market strategy at Ebury, said.

However, since then, the pound (GBPUSD=X) has outperformed almost every G10 currency, including both the euro and the dollar, as UK financial markets stabilise after a turbulent period post-mini budget.

Sterling has rallied by around 15% off the late-September lows, while the US dollar index is down more than 8% from its peak two months ago.

Andrew Bailey, governor of the BoE, also recently admitted that runaway inflation is affecting lower income households harder as a larger proportion of their spending goes on essentials like food and energy.

Economists have highlighted that there will be calls for less aggressive monetary tightening going forward due to weaker growth momentum.

The BoE is set to join the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank in slowing down the recent 0.75% pace of rate hikes.

Ben Laidler, global markets strategist at social investing network eToro, said: “All are now starting to see the light at the end of the high inflation tunnel as price rises start to peak and fall. This is the crucial first step towards a summit of UK interest rates around 4.25% early next year, and the start of rate cuts late in 2023.”

Deutsche Bank (DB) said it expects the bank rate to reach 4.5% by May next year, down from its previous projection of 4.75%.

Brian Coulton, chief economist at Fitch, said: “Taming inflation is proving to be harder than expected as price pressures broaden and become more entrenched. Central bankers are having to take the gloves off. That won’t be good for growth.”

The ratings agency now sees interest rates rising even further in 2023, with most experts agreeing that the BoE will ease up on the base rate in the second quarter of 2024.

“Our latest 4.75% peak forecast for the BoE has been revised up by 150bp since the previous GEO. We do not anticipate a pivot to rate cuts until 2024,” Fitch said.

Laith Khalaf, head of investment analysis at AJ Bell, said: “Clearly there are lots of factors which can move the interest rate peak up or down, but for now 4.5% looks a reasonable working assumption.

Meanwhile Simon Harvey, head of FX analysis at Monex Europe, said: “We think that further rate hikes will be limited, as the growth impact and financial stability risks stemming from a housing market correction will restrict the BoE from going much higher.

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“The main risk to our forecast is that the adjustment in the energy price guarantee in April leads the BoE to hike by another 25bps in May to prevent inflation expectations from de-anchoring further.”

But what does this mean for consumers?
Both businesses and consumers are suffering from the sharp rise of goods and services, and homeowners have also seen their mortgage payments rise on the back of higher interest rates.
While the recent rise to 3.5% was expected, it will still be a worry to the 4 million mortgage holders already identified by the Bank as facing higher mortgage costs in 2023.

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Exceptional Philanthropy: Tural Aliyev Generosity Transforms Lives in Northern Cyprus

Tural Aliyev, an extraordinary entrepreneur whose journey of success is only matched by his dedication to giving back to the community. Starting from humble beginnings in large corporations, Tural’s commitment to helping others remained unwavering as he ventured into the realms of real estate and car gallery businesses. His achievements not only showcase financial prosperity but also the profound impact one can make when driven by genuine altruism.

Tural’s real estate business in Northern Cyprus, Sun Republic, has become a trailblazer in the industry.

With an unparalleled understanding of the market and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tural has brought forth architectural marvels that redefine the skyline. Luxurious residential complexes and awe-inspiring commercial spaces stand testament to his commitment to quality and innovation. Notably, Tural’s emphasis on sustainability sets him apart, as his projects incorporate eco-friendly technologies, showcasing his dedication to preserving the environment.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Tural’s philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark on countless lives. Through substantial donations and unwavering support, he has sponsored educational programs, funded scholarships, and actively championed charitable causes, embodying a deep sense of corporate social responsibility.

«In the dynamic real estate market of Northern Cyprus, Sun Republic has emerged as a leading company, delivering exceptional results and garnering a reputation for excellence,» Tural remarks. Through meticulous market analysis and personalized solutions, Sun Republic has become a trusted partner for investors from various countries. The company’s dedication to client satisfaction and transparency has fostered long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

Tural Aliyev’s vision for the future encompasses creating vibrant communities where homes are sanctuaries promoting happiness and harmonious living. His commitment to sustainability and economic growth has positioned him as a visionary leader in the real estate and car dealership industries in Northern Cyprus.

In line with his vision, Tural can be found on Instagram @aliyev, sharing his journey and philanthropic initiatives. For more information about Sun Republic and its exceptional services, visit

With a heart that beats for the betterment of society and a visionary mind that shapes the future, Tural Aliyev continues to leave an inspiring legacy of excellence and positive impact in Northern Cyprus.

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Entrepreneur Adnan Ashraf Partners with Crypto Crowdfunding Platform to Expand Nine Restaurant Brand Globally

Adnan Ashraf, a multifaceted entrepreneur with interests spanning pharmaceuticals, technology, and real estate, is embarking on an exciting new venture to expand the renowned Nine restaurant brand into a global franchise. With its reputation for upscale Japanese cuisine and stunning panoramic views, Nine has captured the attention of discerning diners worldwide, and Mr. Ashraf aims to bring this exceptional dining experience to numerous locations across the globe.

To realize his ambitious expansion plans, Mr. Ashraf has engaged in discussions with a pioneering crypto crowdfunding platform, forging a strategic partnership for a joint venture involving 100 stores with an estimated investment of $120 million. Harnessing the power of cryptocurrency, Mr. Ashraf intends to expedite the growth of the Nine franchise and achieve his objectives more efficiently.

The first milestone in this expansion journey involves acquiring a prime waterfront location in Canary Wharf, a prestigious business district in London. Serving as the flagship Nine restaurant, this iconic setting will exemplify the brand’s exquisite cuisine and offer guests unparalleled views. Mr. Ashraf’s vision extends beyond this initial location, as he plans to continue expanding into other prime spots in London and beyond, introducing the Nine dining experience to cosmopolitan cities worldwide.

By partnering with a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, Mr. Ashraf aims to tap into the immense potential of this innovative funding mechanism. Cryptocurrency not only streamlines the investment process but also attracts a global community of investors passionate about supporting groundbreaking ventures in the hospitality industry. This collaboration is expected to fuel the rapid expansion of the Nine franchise, ensuring that more diners can savor its exceptional culinary offerings and immerse themselves in the extraordinary ambiance that defines the brand.

Drawing on his extensive entrepreneurial experience, Adnan Ashraf brings a wealth of expertise to this venture. His track record of success across various sectors attests to his ability to navigate complex business landscapes and identify unique opportunities for growth. With his diverse business interests and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Ashraf is poised to spearhead the global expansion of the Nine restaurant brand, establishing a network of exceptional dining establishments worldwide.

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Alexey Ivanov Alliance Rental: Redefining Luxury Travel Experiences

Alliance Trucks, the leading Japanese and Korean car dealer in Russia, is proud to announce the launch of its new luxury transport rental aggregator, Alliance Rental. The project is the brainchild of Alexey Ivanov, the CEO and owner of Alliance Trucks, a successful businessman, traveler, and blogger. With over 59 countries visited, Alexey Ivanov has gained valuable experience in the automotive industry, which he has leveraged to create Alliance Trucks, a company that generates a trade revenue of $50 million annually.

Founded in 2014, Alliance Trucks has become the biggest Japanese and Korean car dealer in Russia, with four authorized and certified workshops, warehouses in the capital, and numerous certificates of first dealer with top-rated sales and service quality. The company’s mechanic team has won different national and international competitions of professional skills, including the ISUZU GRAN PRIX, where they were the first Russian and second in the world.

Alexey Ivanov’s awareness and commitment to 10 corporate rules have enabled Alliance Trucks to achieve its current status as a respected and reputable brand in the automotive industry. The rules include prioritizing emotional intelligence, respecting corporate culture and business ethics, seeking opportunities for growth in every crisis, and being socially active and engaged in charitable projects.

Alliance Parts, Alexey Ivanov’s latest venture, is a cars and spare parts distribution business in the United Arab Emirates with a global partnership with different car brands. The company leverages Alexey’s life and professional experience to scale similar projects in different market areas.

Alliance Rental is Alexey Ivanov’s latest project, an aggregator that offers a one-stop-shop for luxury transport rentals. The project’s main idea is to provide all the luxury transport rentals that customers may need for emotional holidays, celebrations, dream realization, business meetings, or just for premium lifestyle in one mobile application.

The application, marketing brand, and all business processes are complete, and legal compliance with local laws, rules, and regulations is under process.

Alliance Rental offers taxi Rolls-Royce, luxury sport cars, yachts, helicopters, and aircraft rentals. Partnerships with operators of luxury services are currently being signed, and the project is ready to launch soon.

Alexey Ivanov’s mission is to make the world a better and cleaner place, live a long, bright, and memorable life, create a family, raise children, create and invent something that deeply touches the feelings of people, be a mentor, teach knowledge, and leave a significant mark in history, society, and culture.

For more information on Alliance Rental and Alexey Ivanov, follow him on Instagram at @a.a.ivanov

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