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United Kingdom Workplace Pensions Consumer Research Report 2022: Average Workplace Pension Fund/CETV is Over £60,000 – Yahoo Finance

Dublin, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The «Workplace Pensions Consumer Research Report 2022» report has been added to’s offering.
For this report, the analyst commissioned Maru/Blue to conduct a survey among its online panel, drawing on a nationally representative sample of 2,148 UK adults aged 18+. This generated a sample of 1,449 individuals who own any type of workplace pension.
67% of consumers own at least one type of workplace pension
67% of consumers own at least one type of workplace pension, with seven-in-ten workplace pension holders having a workplace pension with their current employer. Affluent consumers, especially those in intermediate or senior managerial positions, who work full time are the most likely to own a workplace pension.
Working full time and being aged between 25-44 plays a key role in determining ownership of workplace pensions. This is no doubt related to the introduction of auto-enrolment (AE) into the workplace pension market in 2012. Most consumers who are currently employed but do not have a workplace pension with their current employer, have voluntarily taken a decision not to be enrolled or to leave a workplace scheme.
The most common arrangement is for workplace pension holders to only have a defined contribution (DC) pension (four-in-ten), with just under one-third only having a defined benefit (DB) pension. Around one-in-ten workplace pension holders own both types of pension. One-in-five workplace pension holders are not sure what type of pension they have. These consumers include a high percentage of part-time workers who seem detached from or lack interest in their workplace pensions.
These findings come from the Workplace Pensions 2022. The report considers the types of workplace pensions owned, how individuals contribute to their pensions, if individuals have taken money from any of their workplace pensions, their use of financial advice, and their retirement goals.
Examples of other findings from this report are:
DB pension ownership is very much an older person’s phenomenon.
The typical amount held in workplace pensions (DC fund values or DB Cash Equivalent Transfer Values – CETVs) is £60,419.
Employees with a workplace pension tend to have a longer-term perspective on their financial priorities, compared with employees who do not have workplace pensions, focusing more on financial goals such as financing their older age, financing their retirement, and leaving an inheritance.
In the past year, around seven-in-ten workplace pension holders have made new contributions to their pensions
One-in-five workplace pension holders have sought pension advice from a regulated financial advisor in the past three years.
Around one-third of the workplace, pension holders take pension decisions without any professional support, neither using regulated financial advisors nor consulting non-regulated advice sources, like Pension Wise or financial websites.
Key Topics Covered:
Executive Summary
Most consumers have a workplace pension
DC workplace pensions the most likely to be owned
The average workplace pension fund/CETV is over £60,000
Focusing on long-term finances encourages workplace pension ownership
Monthly contributions the norm
One-in-five workplace pension holders have sought pension advice
When advice is taken, it is followed and meets the customer’s needs
Advice requirements change
Pensions (workplace and private) will be the main source of retirement income
Four-in-ten workplace non-retired pension holders have made withdrawals
Workplace Pension Ownership
Almost seven-in-ten consumers own a workplace pension
Most workplace pension holders have a pension with their current employer
Most employees who are not enrolled in a workplace scheme opt-out or withdraw
Types Of Workplace-Pension Owned
Most Workplace Pension Holders Have A Dc Pension
Age A Strong Influence On The Type Of Pension Owned
Affluent, Managerial Employees The Most Likely To Have A Db Pension
Pension Fund Values
Over £60,000 Held In Workplace Pensions
Older Affluent Pension Holders Hold The Greatest Pension Wealth
Retirement Planning And Priorities
Longer-Term Perspective Helps Drive Workplace Pension Ownership
How Do Consumers Contribute To Their Pensions?
Regular Contributions Are The Norm
Pension Fund Values Are Checked Every Two Months
Pension Advice
One-In-Five Workplace Pension Holders Have Sought Pension Advice
Advisors Support A Pension Holder’s Own Knowledge Across Multiple Financial Products
If Advice Is Sought, The Advisor’s Recommendations Are Followed And Liked
Workplace Pension Holders Search Widely For Information
Independent Financial Advisors The Most Likely To Be Consulted
Increased Demand For IFAS To Review Pensions
The Importance Of Workplace Pensions For Retirement
Workplace Pension Holders Are Looking To Generate Retirement Income From Multiple Sources
The Source Of Retirement Income Set To Change In The Coming Years
Pension Withdrawals
Four-In-Ten Workplace Pension Holders Have Made Withdrawals

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D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine filed suit against Meta's Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, accusing the CEO of failing to protect consumer data in the lead up to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
‘I’m very outspoken about my desire to never work in an office again,’ one such worker tells MarketWatch.
Usually-optimistic Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger offered up a sobering view on when the semiconductor shortage roiling everything from auto producers to PC makers may abate.
Zuckerberg was named in a lawsuit Monday by the D.C. Attorney General for his role in the Cambridge Analytica election scandal from 2016.
The chip maker joins several other major technology companies that have decided to be more prudent with their operating budgets in recent weeks.
Caterpillar Inc. is investing $24 million to expand its manufacturing facility in nearby Schertz. As part of a 10-year grant agreement with the Schertz Economic Development Corp., Caterpillar will maintain a total of 169 jobs and a base payroll exceeding $8 million. “Caterpillar is an incredibly important employer in the region,” Schertz Mayor Ralph Gutierrez said, noting that Caterpillar has been a “model corporate citizen” and continued to demonstrate its commitment to the community.
Should I move my money to a Roth, and pay off my $200,000 mortgage while I’m at it? It’s great that you’re looking at the fees in your retirement account — they can really eat away at your nest egg if not managed properly. Does it ever make sense to choose an outside account, like an IRA or taxable brokerage account, where you have more control in your portfolio, over an employer-sponsored account, like a 401(k)?
Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) looked to sublet at least 10 million square feet of space and vacate even more by ending leases with landlords, Bloomberg reports. Amazon shocked investors after reporting slowing growth and a weak profit outlook attributed to overbuilding during the pandemic. Amazon could try to negotiate lease terminations with existing landlords, including Prologis, Inc (NYSE: PLD). Also Read: Amazon Explores Service That Could Reduce Its Capex Amazon has tasked the KBC Advisors
For example, if you bought $5,000 worth of a stock and its value grew to $50,000, it would be a 10-bagger — meaning it increased by 900% or 10 times. Unity Software (NYSE: U) has quickly become a dominant force in helping artists develop games and monetize them through its create and operate solutions. Down 78% in the last six months, Unity stock was met by the market with another nasty reaction to its first-quarter earnings for 2022 as management cited struggles within its Operate segment.
The energy sector is composed of companies focused on the exploration, production, and marketing of oil, gas, and renewable resources around the world. Energy sector stocks include upstream companies that primarily engage in the exploration of oil or gas reserves, such as Devon Energy Corp. Downstream companies include Marathon Petroleum Corp., which refines and processes oil and gas products for delivery to consumers. Among the industry’s biggest players are Chevron Corp. and ExxonMobil Corp.
Compensation plans that once paid executives to boost output now encourage cost cuts and shareholder returns, despite the jump in energy prices.
Here's what a fundamental and technical analysis says about Google stock. GOOGL stock buybacks remain high as web search and YouTube advertising rebound. But cloud computing growth is key.
Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the nation and a major employer, is raising its minimum wage for the second time in the past year.
The case marks the second time Washington, D.C.’s Karl Racine has pursued legal action against the Facebook founder over practices that led to the Cambridge Analytica data breach.
The crude oil markets rallied just a bit during the trading session early on Monday but then turned around to show signs of exhaustion. That being said, the market is likely to continue to see a lot of volatile noise in this market.
DAVOS (Reuters) -The world is facing a major oil supply crunch as most companies are afraid to invest in the sector as they face green energy pressures, the head of Saudi Aramco told Reuters, adding it cannot expand production capacity any faster than promised. Amin Nasser, head of the world's largest oil producer, said on Monday he was sticking to the target of expanding capacity to 13 million barrels per day from the current 12 million by 2027, despite calls to do it faster. Before COVID the aviation industry was consuming 2.5 million bpd more than today.
The Matterhorn Express pipeline should be ready for commercial operations in the third quarter of 2024, one of its developers said, as the companies work through regulatory approvals.
T-Mobile on Monday launched a suite of 5G products to lure business clients and capture some of the market share of rivals Verizon and AT&T, and has signed up customers including an automaker, an airline operator and a theme park. The product suite, what it calls 5G advanced network solutions, will offer three levels – from a complete private 5G network to sharing space over a public network, Callie Field, T-Mobile's president of business group, told Reuters. T-Mobile, armed with a bigger share of spectrum that is ideal for 5G than Verizon and AT&T, is trying to make a dent in acquiring business customers despite the dominance of its more established rivals.
In her new book “Jerks at Work: Toxic Coworkers and What to Do About Them,” Tessa White divulges strategies for dealing with jerks who make work miserable.
Broadcom is reportedly in talks to buy VMware for upwards of $50 billion, which would be one of the biggest tech takeovers ever and the third multibillion-dollar Broadcom acquisition in four years.


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Tattoo Artist, Entrepreneur, and Oil Painter Kirby van Beek Makes a Mark in the Industry

Kirby van Beek, a talented tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and oil painter, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of tattooing, showcasing his expertise in black and grey realism. Known for his distinctive designs and captivating portraits with a dark twist, Kirby has established himself as a highly regarded artist, earning recognition both locally and internationally.

Kirby’s journey as a tattoo artist began at the age of 18 when he taught himself the art form while simultaneously pursuing his education in forensic science. During this time, he displayed unparalleled dedication, working at a morgue during the week and honing his tattooing skills during weekends and spare hours. Kirby’s passion for tattooing led him to work at various tattoo studios in the Netherlands, solidifying his experience and expertise in the field.

About Kirby van Beek:

Kirby van Beek is a talented tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and oil painter based in [City]. Renowned for his expertise in black and grey realism, Kirby’s distinctive designs and captivating portraits with a dark twist have earned him a prominent position in the industry. With a passion for tattooing and oil painting, Kirby aspires to become a globally recognized artist, leaving a lasting impact on the world of art.

«The things I love most about tattooing is meeting different clients and getting to know them on a personal level during a long tattoo session,» says Kirby. «There is nothing more rewarding than tattooing individuals who appreciate my art so much that they choose to wear it on their skin for life.»

Specializing in realistic black and grey tattoos, portrait tattoos, and horror tattoos, Kirby’s work has garnered attention both nationally and internationally. His talents have been showcased at several tattoo conventions abroad, and his captivating designs have been featured in prominent tattoo magazines. Additionally, he has been recognized by esteemed publications such as LINDA magazine in the Netherlands and the local newspaper BN de Stem. Furthermore, Kirby’s exceptional skills led him to participate as a tattoo artist in the Dutch version of MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us.

Looking ahead, Kirby aspires to become a world-renowned tattoo artist and oil painter, with a particular focus on portrait tattoos and dark horror tattoos.

His ultimate goal is to reach clients and famous individuals around the globe, sharing his unique artistry and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. In the future, Kirby envisions opening an art show to showcase his diverse body of work.

To learn more about Kirby van Beek and explore his captivating portfolio, visit his official Instagram page (@kirbyvanbeek) or his website

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DJ Khenya Takes Center Stage at Blue Marlin Ibiza, Spreading Joy and Connection

The music of DJ Khenya pulsates with rhythm and emotion. A rich mélange of sun-kissed sounds that blend percussive beats with indie and deep house. The artist’s journey to Ibiza has laid the foundation for a musical expression that communicates joy and connectivity. Taking the reins at Blue Marlin Ibiza, Khenya’s vibrations will inspire dance floor dreamers to move and let go.

From the stage at Blue Marlin Ibiza, DJ Khenya has shared experiences alongside some of the most influential names in the music industry. When asked about the impact of these experiences, the artist responded humbly: «The truth is I feel lucky. I have total admiration for them as they are a source of inspiration for me.»

The energy at Blue Marlin Ibiza is unlike any other, according to DJ Khenya. He describes the place as «a life experience,» synonymous with summer and with all the ingredients to feel in a state of bliss when you’re there. He thanks the team for being like a family to him and for everything they’ve done.

This summer, DJ Khenya will take his audience on a journey filled with unforgettable emotions. He comments, «My goal is to transmit uplifting and unforgettable sensations. My audience is what sets my heart on fire, and I want them to feel my desire to make them dance.»

The path that led DJ Khenya to become a DJ began in Havacia, Cuba, where he grew up in an environment where rhythm, dance, and poetry are like the air we breathe. With son and salsa running through his veins, his first experience at an electronic music party in the early 2000s marked a shift in his life. Khenya recalls hearing ‘The Underground’ by Celeda and says, «It was a different Cuba, and I loved it. I think from that moment, something changed inside me. A seed had been planted, and life would take me in that direction.»

Having traveled the world and now based in Ibiza, DJ Khenya reflects on how these experiences have shaped his identity as an artist. He comments, «Traveling the world is a privilege that every human being should have, especially an artist because when you have these experiences, you can understand different ways of life and the musicality of each place. Creativity is born from that knowledge, and I still have a lot to learn in that sense.»

This summer, DJ Khenya promises to take Blue Marlin Ibiza to new heights with his unique music and his desire to make everyone dance. The experience is guaranteed to be a celebration of life, joy, and connection through music.

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Oliver Rouz: Weaving Ink and Inspiration into a Legacy

Born on February 13th, 1988, Oliver Rouz’s path to success is one marked by determination, passion, and the pursuit of creative endeavors. From a young age, Oliver exhibited a profound love for various forms of creativity, which ultimately led him to become one of the country’s most celebrated tattoo artists.

During his school years, Oliver’s artistic talent set him apart. His favorite cartoon characters became his canvas as he tirelessly recreated them in his own style. However, drawing was merely a pastime during his teenage years, a source of pleasure until music took center stage in his life.

In 2005, Oliver formed the «Fairy Tale Jelissa Rose» band, a pivotal moment that expanded his horizons. Immersed in the music community, he developed a newfound fascination with tattoos and ink artistry, spurred by the band’s association with the tattoo culture.

A serendipitous encounter with Artem at the «Quick Silver» shop in Moscow in 2010 marked a turning point. Artem’s influence led Oliver to consider a life-altering decision. By 2012, Oliver, now ignited by a passion for tattoos, made a bold move to another city, all while nurturing his tattoo aspirations.

Artem’s transformation into a tattoo artist himself inspired Oliver further. As fate would have it, an opportunity arose in 2012 for them to collaborate and open their tattoo studio in Moscow. This venture required Oliver’s dedicated efforts, alongside his commitment to saving funds to fuel their creative endeavor.

Oliver’s tattooing prowess flourished within a year, prompting a return to his hometown to establish several home-like studios. Yet, he recognized that true growth beckoned him back to Moscow. Thus, in 2017, he joined Good Hands Tattoo, laying the foundation for his continued ascent.

Oliver’s indomitable spirit and devotion to his craft bore fruit, as evidenced by his stint at Black Point studio, born out of a collective dream. His trajectory exemplifies the power of dedication, leading him to become a recognized tattoo luminary within the nation.

Oliver’s journey, however, extends beyond tattooing. From his early affinity for music, highlighted by the formation of his punk rock band at 14, to his involvement in the music industry and flirtation with global recognition, his story embodies the resilience required to navigate creative industries.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2021 when Oliver, undeterred by previous setbacks, chose to channel his creative energy into designing game art. Leaving behind a stable job, he invested his savings of around $5,000 to embark on a transformative journey. Guided by Hexeth’s interview and tutorials, Oliver delved into the realm of game design.

Fueled by dedication and a newfound purpose, Oliver’s creative expression culminated in designing elements for popular games like CS:GO and RUST. Through unwavering commitment and rigorous self-education, he harnessed the potential of his artistic flair.

Today, Oliver Rouz’s name resonates as a testament to the potential of human determination. His path from a young artist with a penchant for creation to a revered tattoo and game artist serves as an inspiration to countless dreamers. Oliver’s legacy continues to evolve, as he pushes the boundaries of his craft and inspires others to chase their passions unrelentingly.

For more information and to view Oliver’s work, visit his Instagram profile: @oliverrouz.

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